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  Lennart Weller acd6075260 make it more secure 1 year ago
  Lennart Weller b31c55521a Add minimal Dockerfile 1 year ago
  LMLB 6c5860e8c6 Remove unused property endPosition in box.js 1 year ago
  LMLB a98685a50e Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/lewish/asciiflow2 1 year ago
  George Pantazes d9519ae61f Add Button Titles to File Tools Buttons (#100) 1 year ago
  Nobuto Murata 4a16b95d25 Update index.js to make it work with recent Electron (#119) 1 year ago
  Josh Junon b1df7122eb update compiled js code from pages 1 year ago
  Naruki Azuma 3266c06145 Fix bugs (#106) 1 year ago
  Qix 63fcba36d5
Merge pull request #117 from nobuto-m/https 1 year ago
  Qix 989ea85a56
Merge pull request #68 from mbigras/mbigras-add-osx-panning-description 1 year ago
  Qix 3d842f46e9
Merge pull request #110 from jcornaz/fix/arrow-direction 1 year ago
  LMLB 3c4e095aca Cleaned up some very minor inconsistencies in the button icons 1 year ago
  LMLB 917fd68d47 Remove Google Drive icon 1 year ago
  LMLB 9bea6c44da Remove images/logo-full.png 1 year ago
  LMLB 41dcb1eef3 Compile js-compiled.js 1 year ago
  LMLB ba9be75fd4 Hide <body> until script has loaded 1 year ago
  LMLB 529c100ffd Remove intro animation 1 year ago
  LMLB c757ac35ca Compile js-compiled.js 1 year ago
  LMLB 15019eb28a Replace constants.js wildcard import with named imports 1 year ago
  LMLB 792d81c912 Remove TOUCH_ENABLED 1 year ago
  LMLB 56e8fbe278 Compile with --jscomp_warning=lintChecks and fix almost all warnings 1 year ago
  LMLB 2ae8cac431 Make compile.bat easier to read 1 year ago
  LMLB 8cfa63bcc1 Compile js-compiled.js 1 year ago
  LMLB 3e849550f9 Make Closure Compiler output source map 1 year ago
  LMLB aecc7ab48f Update Closure Compiler 1 year ago
  LMLB 7bee3317b5 Fix Closure Compiler warnings 1 year ago
  LMLB 7f709ff432 Code style 1 year ago
  LMLB 230340cbc3 Improve zoom handling 1 year ago
  LMLB 89dc624f16 Ckeanup keyboard handling 1 year ago
  LMLB fb5b6a0a02 Fix indentation 1 year ago
  LMLB 654e5f64c1 Update js-compiled.js 1 year ago
  LMLB 74cc7a03ce Move interstitial hiding to launch.js 1 year ago
  LMLB fb4acfe343 Add missing semicolon 1 year ago
  LMLB abaeb188b3 Remove unnecessary semicolons 1 year ago
  LMLB 9aadc49072 Fix bug in DrawMove.move() 1 year ago
  LMLB ed2bf90f0b Use the rawValue variable in DrawSelect.copyArea() 1 year ago
  LMLB a5d7c45589 Remove some unused variables 1 year ago
  LMLB 12e2607fa0 ES6 Module compatibility 1 year ago
  LMLB bdf07bc299 Respect prefers-reduced-motion with intro animation 1 year ago
  LMLB 676ead6c1d Remove webkit prefixes from intro animation 1 year ago
  LMLB 78a4807094 Fix bug introduced when removing jQuery 1 year ago
  LMLB 194b40022d Update js-compiled.js 1 year ago
  LMLB 4277b37256 Change images to PNG format (smaller than GIF) 1 year ago
  LMLB f139da3142 Optimize favicon.png 1 year ago
  LMLB eae1d1c26b XHTML5 compatibility 1 year ago
  LMLB 25ce17ea09 Remove "shortcut" from <link rel="shortcut icon"> 1 year ago
  LMLB 3b0a0c21fa Use rel="noreferrer noopener" together with target="_blank" 1 year ago
  LMLB 2513428d11 Add <link rel="preload"> 1 year ago
  LMLB 29ab0e2a03 Change compile.sh and add compile.bat 1 year ago
  LMLB 25112c55c5 Cleanup CSS a little 1 year ago